Tuesday, 31 December 2019

107 - Brent Gates

Maybe my resolution for 2020 should be to do more than 8 of these.
Front photo: Picking up the out at second.

Back photo: Defensive maneuvering.

Better photo?: It might not be a turning two situation, but I like the front.

Ties to my personal collections: None.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 5.

Wiki-facts: "Brent Gates Jr. played hockey at the University of Minnesota and was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks."

Google it: My first 4 google entries were for the hockey player.

How was his strike shortened 1994? Only 64 games, picking up 2 HR and 24 RBI to go with a .283 average.

Birthday boy: March 14, 1970. One month off from my 2/14 PC. Former NFLer Thomas McLemore, along with musician Kristian Bush also came into the world that date.

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Monday, 21 October 2019

106 - Jeff Gardner

Front photo: Flipping the ball to Fred McGriff.

Back photo: He's wearing sunglasses.

Better photo?: I'm always a fan of a well-framed photograph. Getting the ball as well as the first baseman in the photo is really nice. Easily the front.

Ties to my personal collections: Started with the Mets, and spent 1994 with the Expos. One of his first MLB cards, 1992 Fleer, is an error where he's listed as a pitcher.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 2

Wiki-facts: "In 2014, he was listed as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks' professional scouting staff"

Google it: Seems to think I want this autocompleted with 'Storage Wars'. There's a scrap metal artist in Oshawa, Ontario, who made several appearances on the Canadian version of the show.

How was his strike shortened 1994? He moved to the Expos, and spent his last year in MLB hitting .219 with 1 RBI over 32 AB.

Birthday boy: February 4, 1964. Nobody besides Jeff at any of the *-reference sites was born that date. Wikipedia doesn't seem to think anything else interesting happened that date either.

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Thursday, 26 September 2019

105 - Carlos Garcia

Front photo: Bunting! Retro uniform! Holy Amazing!

Back photo: Some infield play.

Better photo?: No contest. The front.

Ties to my personal collections: Would go on to play for the Blue Jays.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 8

Wiki-facts: "In 2018, he became manager of the Acereros de Monclova of the Mexican League."

Google it: Google seems to think I'm more interested in the former mayor of Pico Rivera, California, than the baseball player.

How was his strike shortened 1994? He was the Pirates lone representative at the All-Star game, batting .277 with 6 HR and 28 RBI.

Birthday boy: October 15, 1967. He's the only MLBer born that date, but former NFLer Greg McMurtry was born that day as well. As was the

current lieutenant governor of North Carolina.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

104 - Mike Gallego

104 - Mike Gallego

Front photo: Diving stop. Or at least an attempt at it.

Back photo: Standing for the anthem.

Better photo?: If he got the ball, the front. If he didn't, the back.

Ties to my personal collections: None.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 8

Wiki-facts: "While playing with the Yankees from 1992 to 1994, Gallego was the last player to wear the uniform number 2 prior to the Yankees' former All-Star shortstop, Derek Jeter"

Google it: The first autocomplete word is 'Angels', the team for which he is now the infield/3rd base coach.

How was his strike shortened 1994? 6 HR and 41 RBI with a .283 average.

Birthday boy: October 31, 1960. No MLB guys, but former NFLers Byron Williams and Richard Tharpe were born that Halloween day. Off in the world of politics, former Puerto Rican governor Luis Fortuño was also born that day.

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Monday, 10 June 2019

103 - Scott Fletcher

103 - Scott Fletcher

Front photo: Sliding.

Back photo: On field chit-chat.

Better photo?: Great usage of a horizontal layout. The Front.

Ties to my personal collections: None.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 7

Wiki-facts: "George W. Bush named his dog Spot Fetcher after Fletcher."

Google it: He is one of 4 Scott Fletchers on the first page. There's an entrepeneur, an actor and a missing man.

How was his stike shortened 1994? Batted .285 with 5 HR and 45 RBI. 

Birthday boy: July 30, 1958. No MLB alum were born that date other than Fletcher. 2 time decathalon gold medallist Daley Thompson probably highlights the day from the world of sports, and in the world of music, songstress Kate Bush began running up that hill on that date as well (maybe not, she would have been a little young).

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

102 - Darrin Fletcher

Front photo: A catcher confrontation in the dirt.

Back photo: Moment of impact.

Better photo?: It isn't the most flattering photo, as it almost seems like he hit the dirt for a wild pitch, but the front easily wins here.

Ties to my personal collections: He's an Expo here, and a future Blue Jay.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 8.

Wiki-facts: "Fletcher is the son of former major league player, Tom Fletcher, and the grandson of long-time minor league player Glenn Fletcher."

Google it: Looks like he's in the Illinois Fighting Illini Hall of Fame!

How was his strike shortened 1994? Was an All-Star (reserve), batting .260 with 10 HR and 57 RBI.

Birthday boy: October 3, 1966. It is the same date as Scott Taylor, who'd pitch for 3 games with Texas in 1995. In football, former Atlanta Falcon Tony Bowick, who spent 13 years in the Arena League, was also born then. There were no NBA or NHL alum born 10/3/66.

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Sunday, 17 February 2019

101 - Dave Fleming

101 - Dave Fleming

Front photo: Pitching.

Back photo: Dugout photo.

Better photo?: While it isn't super interesting, the back photo seems more like what I'd expect from CC in this time period.

Ties to my personal collections: None.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 5

Wiki-facts: "Dave is currently a 5th grade teacher at Chatfield-LoPresti School in Seymour, CT."

Google it: It auto-completes for me with CFL. That's for 3-time Grey Cup winner Dave Fleming, formerly of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. While that

would link to a PC, I don't have any of his cards.

How was his strike shortened 1994? Arm trouble hit, and he dropped to a 7-11 record with a 6.46 ERA. 1995 would be his last year.

Birthday boy: November 7, 1969. (nice). The only other person in the *-reference world born that date was NHL journeyman Michel Picard. Outside that, actress Michelle Clunie (Teen Wolf, Queer as Folk) was born 11/7/69.

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Monday, 7 January 2019

100 - Cecil Fielder

Maybe I should do a new year's resolution to post double digits worth of these in the 2019.

Here's the century mark, numbering-wise. UD didn't do like Topps with having notable players in the double zero spots, but things worked out nicely here.

Front photo:
Back photo:

Better photo?: It was strange that the slugger got a fielding and running photo on his card. I guess I'll give it to the front with the fielding for fielder.

Ties to my personal collections: Former Toronto Blue Jay.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 18

Wiki-facts: He is the father of Prince Fielder...the first father and son to both have 50 home run seasons in MLB.

Google it: 2 of the entries on the first page are devoted to Prince.

How was his strike shortened 1994? 28 HR and 90 RBI with a .259 average.

Birthday boy: September 21, 1963. That's also the birthday of the man who lead off 1991's Fleer release - Troy Afenir. Also born on the date was NHL journeyman Troy Loney.

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