Tuesday, 22 September 2015

34 - Sandy Alomar Jr

Front photo: Perhaps he should be watching where he's running.

Back photo: Hanging out in the dugout.

Better photo?: This one is really close. The dugout shot is so Collector's Choice-ish, but the facial expression is so great on the front, I have to give it to the front.

Ties to my personal collections: Would go on to play a few games with the Mets at the end of his career, but never got any cards out of it.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 11. That really seems low.

Wiki-facts: Is in the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame.

Google it: If you have 1.43 million sitting around, you can buy his house.

How was his strike-shortened 1994? Batted .288 with 15 homers and 43 RBIs.

Birthday boy: June 18, 1966. Nobody in baseball or basketball reference has their birth on that exact date. In fact, only 6 NBA alum at all were born on June 18th, although one was HOFer George Mikan. NHL veteran Doug Bodger does match exactly. In football, Rodney Rice, who had a couple seasons with the Pats and Bucs, is also a 6-18-66 baby. Figure skater Kurt Browning matches up as well.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

33 - Roberto Alomar

Front photo: A great defensive play.

Back photo: At the plate at Skydome.

Better photo?: I like the visible ball with the swing on the back, but I love photos where the players isn't touching the ground, no matter what the short.

Ties to my personal collections: He's a Blue Jay here. Although I'd like to forget his time as a Met, he was there as well. But, being the only Blue Jay with his number retired more than makes up for that forgettable time in his career. And he's also the only person with a Jays cap on Cooperstown. It means I can debut the Hall of Fame tag with this entry.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 24.

Wiki-facts: He's still with the Blue Jays, as a special advisor.

Google it: Has an entry at biography.com. That might also be a first for this set.

How was his strike-shortened 1994? Only 8 HR and 38 RBI over 392 AB. Still got a Gold Glove and was a All-Star.

Birthday boy: February, 5, 1968. Andres Santana, who had 2 AB over 6 MLB games in 1990 was also born that date. Also on 2/5/68 was Will Furrer, who made a couple appearances at QB for the Bears and Oilers.

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