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58 - Bobby Bonilla

58 - Bobby Bonilla

Front photo: Diving back to the base.

Back photo: Looking like he'll be late applying the tag to 3rd.

Better photo?: The second is more of a Mets-ish photo for that time.

Ties to my personal collections: Is a Met. In my DVD collection, he got referenced, albeit not by name, in the opening scene of the Season 3 Law & Order episode, The Corproate Veil, first airing on Oct 14, 1992.

(a police office throws a baseball back to some children)

Officer 1: They should put you on the corner at Shea.
Officer 2: I'd go for a hell of a lot less than 29 mil...guy's a bum. What's he hitting, .220? (He had finished the season hitting .249 in 1992)
Officer 1: He's better than the last guy they had.
Officer 2: The least he could do is break a leg. Can't hurt the team from the DL.


Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 17

Wiki-facts: "Bonilla's stay in New York was also marred by a number of incidents, such as threatening sportswriter Bob Klapisch that he would "show him the Bronx" in response to his book on the 1992 Mets, The Worst Team Money Could Buy: The Collapse Of The New York Mets".

Google it: Until 2035, he will get paid by $1,193,248.20 by the Mets.

How was his stike shortened 1994? Batted .290 with 20 HR and 67 RBI. Also struck out 101 times, just 2 behind his career high, but with over 200 fewer plate appearances.

Birthday boy: Feb 23, 1963. NHLer Doug Kostynski, who spent 15 NHL games in a Bruins uniform was born that date. No NBA of NFL call that their birth date. Outside the sporting world, Polish politician Radoslaw Sikorski was born that date.

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