Tuesday, 22 August 2017

83 - Steve Cooke

83 - Steve Cooke

Front photo: Pitching, but with a throwback uniform.

Back photo: The same, but with a regular uniform.

Better photo?: No contest. Throwback uniforms easily win this one.

Ties to my personal collections: None.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 2.

Wiki-facts: "He was named as the LHP in the Topps All-Star Rookie Team in 1993."

Google it: With the front page taken up by biologists and professors, this Steve Cooke shows up on the second page.

How was his stike shortened 1994? Not good. Went 4-11 with an ERA over 5.

Birthday boy:  January 14, 1970. Former NFL kick returner Tyrone Hughes was also born that date. The date is also shared with a pair of former NHLers, Tom Pederson and Eric Charron.

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