Wednesday, 3 August 2016

60 - Pat Borders

60 - Pat Borders

Front photo: Sitting on his arse.

Back photo: A rare defensive photo featuring the catcher.

Better photo?: The first photo just seems odd and unflattering. It doesn't look like a post-slide photo. It seems like it is post-brushback pitch instead. Strange. Back photo for the win.

Ties to my personal collections: He's a Blue Jay. I also have a Team USA relic of him.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 9

Wiki-facts: "Borders is one of only four players to have won both a World Series championship and an Olympic gold medal, along with Doug Mientkiewicz and Cuban players Orlando Hernandez and Jose Contreras."

Google it: In a 2011 post, listed Pat as #54 on the list of 55 greatest Jays of all time.

How was his stike shortened 1994? 3 HR and 26 RBI with a .247 average over 85 games.

Birthday boy: May 14, 1963. Former Mets farmhand Shawn Barton was born that date. Also, NFLers Kevin Lilly and Bob Beemer. In news, Kuwait joined the United Nations.

Up Next: #61 - Mike Bordick

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