Sunday, 29 May 2016

55 - Tim Bogar

55 - Tim Bogar

Front photo: A tangled up mess at second on what appears to be turning two.

Back photo: Passing the ball along.

Better photo?: While the front photo is more Collectors Choice-y, that back of the card pic where neither of the player's feet are touching the ground is kinda interesting as well. In fact, neither foot might be touching in the front photo as well. While that might be common for basketball, that can't be true for baseball. The back photo seems more unique, so that will be the deciding factor.

Parallel: Silver signature. Looks like his middle initial is P. Wikipedia says it stands for Paul.

Ties to my personal collections: He's a Met.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 15.

Wiki-facts: He's now the bench coach for the Mariners.

Google it: The third result expresses regret that Tim was only named the bench coach as opposed to manager.

Birthday Boy: October 28, 1966. In another tie to my PCs, former Toronto Blue Jay Juan Guzman was also born that date. No NBAers were, but a pair of NHLers were. Ron Hoover, who played 22 games (and did get a card at the NHL level with #287 in 1991-92 UD), and Benoit Hogue (with more than 800 more games than Ron) was also born that date. In football, Kim Phillips, who had one game with the Bills was born that date. Not too impressive, but Steve Atwater, who has a pair of Super Bowl rings, and is on the Broncos Ring of Fame, was also born on that busy date. And he had an awesome nickname, "The Smiling Assassin". Outside the sports world, funnyman Andy Richter was born that day.

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