Tuesday, 28 April 2015

19 - Solomon Torres

Well, it was one Expo ago I picked up this set. And I'm just at the 19th card 6 months later. Sounds about right for me. Time to get 1 card closer to the end.
Front photo: I'd lean with spring training on this, but the extreme close-up makes it impossible to tell for sure.

 Back photo: N/A. One card to go for a long time without a photo on the back.

Ties to my personal collections: Played a portion of the 1997 season with the Expos after being claimed of waivers. 12 appearances and a 7.25 ERA then. He then retired, and coached the Expos Dominican League team, before returning to baseball and having a good mid 00's run with the Pirates.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 9.

Wiki-facts: How about a quote? On being razzed my fans still bitter over a bad performance in 1993 " "They come to the park and they pay my salary, so they have the right to heckle me. " Is from San Pedro de Macoris, which might be the most famous place in the Dominican Republic, at least in a baseball sense.

How was his strike-shortened 1994? Went 2-8 with an ERA over 5.

Birthday boy: March 11, 1972. Shares the date with former NFLer Carl Greenwood and Japanese singer Ua.

 Up next: 20 - Gabe White, wrapping up the first part of the Rookie Class subset

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