Thursday, 30 July 2020

113 - Jim Gott

Front photo: Pitching.

Back photo: Celebrating, likely one of his 25 saves.

Better photo?: The back.

Ties to my personal collections: Former Toronto Blue Jay.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry:

Wiki-facts: "Gott taught Dennis Quaid to pitch for his portrayal of Jim Morris in the 2002 film The Rookie."

Google it: He's now the bullpen coach for the Phillies.

How was his strike shortened 1994? 5-3, with a 5.94 ERA and 2 saves.

Birthday boy:  August 3, 1959. Mike Jeffcoat, another pitcher with double-digit MLB seasons, shares the birthdate. There's a rare NBA match here, with another Mike - Gminski. Actor John C. McGinley (Scrubs, Platoon) is also a 8/3/59 baby. In far darker news, the Pidjiguiti massacre happened that date as well.

Up Next: 114 - Mark Grace

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