Monday, 23 April 2018

91 - Jim DeShaies

Front photo: Pitching.

Back photo: Jogging? Standing still?

Better photo?: A bland draw.

Silver Sig Parallel:
Ties to my personal collections:  None.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 9.

Wiki-facts: "In 2001, Deshaies ran a tongue-in-cheek campaign urging Baseball Writers Association of America voters to elect him to the Baseball Hall of Fame, even though he knew that he was not qualified for the honor. His goal was to get one vote in the Hall of Fame election, which succeeded when Houston Chronicle writer John Lopez voted for him."

Google it: Watch him start a game with 8 straight strike outs:
How was his stike shortened 1994? 6-12 with a 7.39 ERA with the Twins. Lead the league in ERA and HR allowed. Ouch. But, he also lead the league with 25 starts with the Twins.

Birthday boy: June 23, 1960. Another former MLBer, John Rabb, was also born that day. Doug Rogers, who bounced around the NFL in the early/mid 90s, also claims that day. Finally, on 6/23/1960, Enovid, the first oral contraceptive (aka: the Pill) hit the market. That's quite a contrast to this section of the recap.

Up Next: 92 - Delino DeShields

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