Sunday, 20 December 2015

40 - Jack Armstrong

Front photo: Brought to you by the fine folks at David Sunflower Seeds.

Back photo: Pitcher at the plate!

Better photo?: This is easily the toughest battle so far, since both photos are not typical and both very Collector's Choice-y. I'll give a very slight nod to the front, since it really is out there in terms of photo choice.

Ties to my personal collections: Shares his name with Toronto Raptors broadcaster Jack Armstrong. That's about it.

Paragraphs in wikipedia entry: 4

Wiki-facts: "A torn rotator cuff helped end his career at the age of 27." Helped isn't really the word I'd opt for.

Google it: Probably more of a thing, but it takes until the third page for this Jack Armstrong to get a page of his own, not counting the wikipedia disambiguation page. He's lower than someone who is a member of the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame, and is sandwiched between some cosmic artist (I don't know or care) and his denial of rape allegations.

How was his strike-shortened 1994? Went 0-1 with a 3.60 ERA in 2 starts with Texas as his career drew to a close.

Birthday boy: March 7, 1965. Only the NFL has other alumni, but it has an interesting pair of players. Steve Beuerlein, a journeyman QB who picked up a Super Bowl ring as a Dallas Cowboys backup in '92, and the great nickname of Willie "Flipper" Anderson was also born that date. He  picked up a Super Bowl championship in his final game in the league as a member of the Broncos. Going along with the World Series team Armstrong was a part of with the Reds, that's eventual 3 world champion team members born that date. Golfer Jesper Parnevik was also born that day, making it a really good day for future sports stars to be born.

Up next: 41 - Rene Arocha

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